Le Petit Chateau - 13/06/2017 - Otterburn, Northumberland by Jamie McElderry

Le Petit Chateau is one of the newer venues in Northumberland and one I have been eagerley waiting to shoot a wedding at, and the time has almost come!

With my first wedding there less than 4 weeks away I was keen to go and explore and scout out the venue.  This is something that I do for all venues prior to the big day so that I can get my bearings, plan the day and be inspired. 

I have quite a few bookings now for The Chateau and after what I've seen today, they can't come quick enough!  Check out some pictures I took while I had a nosey around the place.

South Causey Inn - The Old Barn by Jamie McElderry

The South Causey Inn is one of my favourite venues, and also one of my most booked venues.  I've done lots of weddings in the Durham Suite, but with the Old Barn recently being opened and my first weddings there imminent, I popped along for a scout around to get a feel for the place and get some ideas.

The first thing that struck me is the size, it's huge!  The attention to detail and beautiful decor is everything I've come to expect from the South Causey. The interiors are gorgeous!

Outside, I love the sweeping staircase and the stunning views out into the countryside which are breathtaking...throw in a couple of tractors and you have a great outdoor space. 

Really impressed with this new venue, I still love the original venue so I knew it would be done right. It's got me all excited ready for wedding season to properly kick off in the next couple of weeks.