About me...


Hi, I'm Jamie, I am a wedding photographer based in Washington, Tyne & Wear (right between Newcastle & Sunderland).
I'm married to my gorgeous Wife, Cheryl.  We have a baby girl called Mina and a little Jack Russell called Peggy.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will notice a lot of my pictures that aren't wedding related are of Mina & Peggy...they're gorgeous so why not?

I'm a full time wedding photographer based in the North East of England so naturally the majority of weddings I shoot locally are Newcastle Wedding Photography, Sunderland Wedding Photography, Durham Wedding Photography, Northumberland Wedding Photography etc. but I love to travel and have shot weddings all across the UK, and around the World.  

I've shot weddings as far away as Key West, Florida, Ibiza, Portugal, Greece and Belgium.  

Wherever your wedding is I want to be there.  

My passion is wedding photography and photography in the main. 

 I love what I do and that shows in my work. I like to capture every emotion from your day, the details, the reactions, the tears & the laughter.   

I'm a good people person and I like to think I have a good sense of humour.  It's all well and good being a great photographer, but your wedding photographer is going to be with you, your family and friends for the majority of your day, so I think having a photographer who is not awkward and can make the day relaxed and fun is a must.

Enough about me though, let's talk about your day.

Your Day...

I want you to enjoy your day the way you planned it.  I want to provide you with pictures that tell the story of your day, the bits you were a part of and the bits you might have missed.  I want to document how gorgeous you look.  I want to show all the emotion from the day, the laughter, the tears, the joy, the love.

At your wedding I like to fit in with the guests, therefore I am dressed smart like a guest. I'm amongst your guests so that I can capture the candid, natural pictures without being intimidating or distracting. 

I like to have a good balance of capturing the natural photos but also covering the couples photos & some striking images.  The main aim is to not turn your day into one long photo shoot, but to use time wisely and efficiently so we get all the pictures we want without you missing your day. 

Me & Peggy :)

Me & Peggy :)